About the Authors

Bryna Campbell: Co-creator and founding editor of The Art and Place Blog, writer, art history and American studies scholar, and currently, college instructor at Portland State University. Bryna earned her PhD in art history & archaeology from Washington University in St. Louis, and also has a graduate certificate in American Culture Studies. Previous to her current position in teaching, she worked at Saint Louis Art Museum as a curatorial assistant and served as a guest curator at the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum at Washington University. Bryna has given talks at numerous conferences including the annual Feminist Art History Symposium in Washington, D.C.; the Middle Atlantic Symposium in the History of Art at the National Gallery of Art, in Washington, DC; and the American Studies Association annual conference. She has also published on the theme of radical regionalist art in the 1930s. Currently, Bryna is also involved in a collaborate creative writing project with her brother William Campbell at un-settled.org, which explores themes of displacement and longing as they relate to rural identity.

Justin Meyer: Co-founder of The Art and Place Blog, and scholar of Urban Studies. Justin holds a PhD in Urban Planning from University of Michigan. His research focuses on the relationships between art museums, communities, and cities. He also holds a certificate in Museum Studies at the University of Michigan, as well as a Masters Degree in Urban Planning as a Wallenberg Scholar. He also holds degrees in product design and environmental design from Stanford University and the University of Cambridge, respectively. Justin has worked with a variety of non-profit, arts organizations and cities, and has experience as a researcher and designer. In his spare time, he freelances as a professional classical singer.


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